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myFlirt does not offer any telephonic support, because otherwise we could not offer our website for free without having to accept any compromises. We do without human resources for the telephonic support. Please use our free email support.

Telephone: +49 6182 89550
Telefax: +49 6182 89555299

Misusage of personal-/contact data or photos

In case of abusive usage of personal-/contact data or photos, please send a copy of your ID, the profile name in which the data has been abusively used as well as your contact data (name, telephone number, email) to above telefax number.

Legal notice

The myFlirt GmbH constantly updates and checks the information (pictures, texts) on its websites. A liability or guarantee for the correctness, currentness and completeness of the information on www.myflirt.com cannot be assumed. The same applies to all other websites to which is referred to by use of hyperlinks. The myFlirt GmbH is not responsible for the contents of the websites which are reached via such a connection.

Furthermore, the myFlirt GmbH reserves the right to carry out complements or changes of the provided information. Contents and structure of the complements are copyrighted. The duplication of information or data, in particular the usage of footage, texts or text parts requires the prior written approval of the myFlirt GmbH.

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